Falls Affect the Entire Family

Prevention is Lifestyle Insurance

  • If you’re healthy, you decide where you live. 
  • Falls trigger events beyond our control.

Assisted living

Nursing home

Forced move-in with kids – maybe not what either family wants

Lasting health problems you never recover from

  • Falls decimate family finances. 
  • Assisted living is $50,000 to $130,000 a year.  Somebody’s got to pay. 
  • Some kids’ college funds go to pay Grandma’s medical bills.

Is keeping your old bathtub really this important?


Falls are #1 Reason for ER Admissions

*Financial *Lifestyle Changes *Downward Health Spiral

  • One of three seniors fall each year
  • 70% in bathrooms
  • Cause 95% of hip fractures
     Hip replacements cost $85K. Most never regain full mobility
     25% stay in nursing homes 12 months
     25% die within 12 months

Why chance all this? Home modifications can cut fall risk by 90%.